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Melania D. Streski-Herald
Sole Member & CEO

Registered Professional Reporter
Certified Legal Video Specialist
Certified Court Deposition Specialist
Certified Livenote™ Reporter
Trial Presentation Professional


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     Melania Streski began her court reporting career as an official court reporter in 1971 and began doing freelance depositions in 1973.  Streski Reporting Service (SRS) was formally established on January 2, 1980, as a home-based court reporting service. By 1982, SRS had tripled in size and hired its first secretary/bookkeeper. SRS also became the first local court reporting agency to purchase a Computer Aided Transcription (CAT) system. The time had come to remodel the basement and expand our work area. By 1984, we were purchasing our second CAT system.
     In 1986, SRS incorporated video depositions into our services and changed our name to Streski Reporting & Video Service (SRS) and computerized our billing.      

     In 1988, it was time to add even more computer work stations, including the addition of 5 IBM DOS work stations to a Novell Network. We also added an OCR scanner/fax and the ability to create ASCII and Discovery ZX disks for the attorneys. By 1991, we had consumed the entire basement and had reporters working around the clock servicing clients all over the country.
     SRS decided in 1991 to expand into the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market by opening our first satellite office. And then in 1992, while doing some telemarketing, we found an opportunity to establish a satellite office in Morgantown, West Virginia. Also in 1992, Melania purchased a building at 75 Twelfth Street in Wheeling, West Virginia; and, after extensive remodeling, on June 23, 1994, the Wheeling address became the main headquarters for SRS operations.
     In the ensuing years, SRS has established itself as a leader in court reporting services and technology by being the first to offer CAT transcripts, videotaped depositions. four-to-a-page transcripts, realtime depositions, ASCII, Discovery ZX, Live Note, e-Transcript, Digital Video, Video/Text Synchronization and a wide range of complementary services. Our Steubenville, Ohio office was opened in April of 1999. In April of 2005, Axiom Trial Presentations was unveiled and in June of 2005, Streski Reporting & Video Service and Axiom Trial Presentations became subsidiaries of MDSTRESKI, LLC.
    MDSTRESKI, LLC now has 10 employees and 14 independent contractors, equipped with state-of-the art court reporting, production, video, graphics, and trial presentation equipment, as we remain on the cutting edge of the industry.




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SRS is a Gold Partner with the National
Network Reporting Company (NNRC), one
of the largest international court reporting
and litigation support service companies,
comprised of the most experienced, locally
connected, independently owned and
operated court reporting firms.


Our team of professionals works
hard to answer to your every need
throughout the litigation process.
SRS is dedicated to delivering
you a stellar product.


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